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Why are we filtering Water with chlorine or fluorine that makes us sick?

To make us healthy again we breed bacteria from the intestines of cattle and eat these as probiotic yogurts

and drinks.

How sick is that?

Why are we drinking cow's milk at all?

The hormones are meant for the calf and not for us humans unless you want to become an Ox or Cow!

By the way, most waters have much more calcium than Milk and for 1 Liter Milk you need 100 Liter Water and we have 133 million dairy farms around the world!

On the other side, 3.5 million people die each year for lack of clean drinking water.


Also, certain drugs and hormones have been detected in Cow milk: anti-inflammatory drugs (eg ketoprofen, diclofenac, phenylbutazone, naproxen, fluniksin, etc.), antibiotics, hormones (sex and steroids), anti-malaria and anti-inflammatory drugs (triclosan).

Many probably do not know that cow's milk was the first genetically modified food that began massively selling on the market. Namely, this cow's milk contains recombinant, ie genetically modified bovine growth hormone, rBGH, produced for a single purpose - rBGH gives cows to produce more milk.

The cows gives regularly - between 15 and 25% and up to 30% more milk. However, rBGH does not only stimulate large cows' milk production, but also strongly stimulates' production 'of another hormone, which is IGF-1, an insulin-like growth hormone that has been proven to stimulate tumor development.

How crazy is that.

Why we do not drink unprocessed Mountain Spring Water when its much better Probiotic then cow's milk.


Also the climate is changing and in some areas there will be more and more dry periods.

In other areas, there will be more and more heavy rains.

Flooding contaminates the groundwater.

Dunking with mineral fertilizer leads to a higher uranium concentration in the groundwater.

More and more water filling plants are drilling deeper and deeper in search of usable water.

Well-intentioned projects in Africa will amplify the problem:

Potatoes are planted for the EU market and for 1kg of potatoes 400 liters of water are needed.

Rivers and lakes are increasingly using plastic-microtubules and antibiotics-resistant germs.

Good drinking water is getting less and less.

In addition to all environmental influences, a pole reversal is overdue.

The Earth's magnetic field protects us from radiation from outer space.

But it is unstable and weakens: its strength is steadily decreasing slightly.

The resulting weakness zone, the South Atlantic anomaly, is a harbinger of pole reversal once again!

Increased radiation will lead to migration and amplify the water problem


Here are some facts that speak's for our  Mountain Spring Water.

The water quality indicators suggest that the water is the source of life:


The only subterranean freshwater Sponge in the world lives only in this source.

Freshwater sponges are the oldest living creatures in the world and some are older than 10,000 years and have a great ability to regenerate or recover lost body parts.

The Olm - the most famous cave habbitant in the world, is also a resident in the source.

The human relic fish is a tertiary fauna and can live for more than 100 years and has also the ability to regenerate or recover lost body parts.


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